AIeosha (aleosha) wrote,

“Rhythm of War”, Brandon Sanderson

Listened up to chapter 49 for now.
Everything points to the fact that Odium is just a human with godlike powers. For example in Taravangian‘s interlude, he notes something like “Odium is very lonely”. Also, in prefaces of Part 2, probably Cultivation mentions that there’s Power and there’s Vessel. That would make sense, the power is like a spren, and the vessel is like a Radiant. Also, that would explain how Honor could have been killed, although he was a god, and why Odium may fear
Szeth’s new sword.
Kaladin didn’t loose Wit‘s flute. Lift stole it for fun. Don’t know if that’s important enough, though.
Also, not sure if “people with a lot of rings” are important. Lift notes that Mraize (I’ve always thought that his name was Murray) took the rings from owner of the “red chicken” (red parrot or just a reddish bird, I assume). A woman with “a lot of rings on her fingers” was asking Eshonai where did she get her dagger (from the ancient ruins). Although maybe that woman was just Jasnah, and rings are Soulcasters?
The most annoying character up until now is Shallan. She took that title from Lift by storms. Storms, how annoying she is in her inability to take responsibility for her actions! She acts like a stupid teenager in love in this book. To think that once I liked that character. Completely disgusted.

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