AIeosha (aleosha) wrote,

“Rhytm of War”, Brandon Sanderson

As usual with Sanderson, by the mid-book the story becomes a slog.
Kaladin tries to escape Pursuer, over and over again. It’s almost like “Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner” series.
Jasnah chapter was a total disaster. Why this fight was even necessary? To show that she’s a Mary Sue, that’s not only smarter that all men, but also fights better than all man? I brace myself for Part 4 and return of Shallan again.
Venli is still the best character by far. The conflict between her and Eshonai is very well done, each side has a rather clear motivation. Venli thinks Eshonai takes all her glory, while Eshonai feels limited by Venli. Both compete for their mother’s love.
I can’t see where the entire Sleepless/kremling stuff goes. Like we didn’t have enough sides in this conflict, now we have spying crabs?!
Finally, again there’s mention of Szeth’s new sword, and how Odium fears it. I wonder if it’s not just Odium’s ruse. Since the sword is clearly evil. Just like Odium.

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