AIeosha (aleosha) wrote,

“Rhythm of War”, Brandon Sanderson

Finished Rhythm of War.

Teft is dead. Rock is most likely dead too.
Moash is blind.
Teravangian is the new Odium, killing Rayse.
Navani is a Bondsmith, bound to the Tower Spren.

What about a dragon on Roshar? Wit mentions there is at least one.
What about red chicken/parrot that Lift recovers?
What about Singers controlling chasm fiends now?
What about the sand that changes colors when close to spren?
Is El just manifestation of Odium?

Based on the fact that Syl most of the time is human size now and that Ishar was investigating materializing spren, it’s quite obvious Kaladin will be “married” to her.

Tags: *.doc, stormlight archive

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