November 21st, 2021

Surrey Docks Farm

A few days ago we visited the River Farm. We tried to visit it a year ago, somewhere in the middle of pandemic, but it was closed for visitors.
This time, there was about a dozen children with their moms, feeding the sheep and chickens, mostly. Sheep were very engaged.

Unfortunately, the adult pigs went away. Although they were replaced with four piglets. Interestingly, all the animals have blackboards telling which breed they are, and even their age an name. One of the donkey’s is called Alice, and she’s twenty six yeas old.

But not piglets, for some reason. Although they aren’t completely ignored. There is a sign saying that piglets are there. Just we no names or breed.

Also, there are quite a few goats on the farm. And some guinea pigs. One of them turned out to be a zionist, for some reason that was never explained.

On our way back we’ve seen a cat darting out of the farm. And even more curious, when we drove by – a fox waiting at a bus stop.


Sage BES920

Время от времени кофемашинка Sage Dual Boiler просит сделать descaling. Процесс этот очень долгий, на час, нужно три раза опустошать резервуар. Делал его некоторое время назад, но сообщение осталось.
Начал разбираться, и оказалось, что у машинки есть service mode, в котором это сообщение можно обнулить. Видимо про это проболтался какой-то техник, поскольку этот режим нигде не задокументирован.
Сообщение действительно исчезло. К сожалению, так же исчезли настройки volumetric output, которыми я так дорожу. Пришлось лезть на другой форум, чтобы их восстановить.