AIeosha (aleosha) wrote,

Universe in a Nutshell, Stephen Hawking

Дослушал книгу Hawking’а. Это вроде как одна из самых прослушиваемых книг, но не знаю, насколько люди без глубоких познаний в физике вообще способны ее воспринять. Она полна высказываний в духе:
 “Our past is pear-shaped”
“People (such as us) living on the brane, the surface of the bubble, would think the universe was expanding”
“But missing mass could also be evidence of the existence of a shadow world with matter in it. Maybe it contains shallow human beings wondering about the mass that seems to be missing from their world to account for the orbits of shadow stars around the center of the shadow galaxy”
“A black hole in our world on the brane would extend into the extra dimensions. If the black hole is small, it would be almost round, but a large black hole on the brane would extend to a pancake-shaped black hole in the extra dimension.”
В отличие от Superfreakonomics, которую я кажется так и не дослушал, которая была довольно легкой.
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