AIeosha (aleosha) wrote,

Little Drummer Girl

После успеха с Little Drummer Girl, который я считаю лучшим сериалом прошлого года, решил все же взяться за книгу.
Книга написана слегка многословно, но иронично.
Интересно что немецкий следователь, которого в сериале израильтяне в основном водят за нос, в книге весьма проницателен.

“You preach at me like the English!” Gavron the Rook squawked at him in his cracked voice, during one of their frequent arguments. “And look at their crimes!”
“So maybe we should bomb the English too,” Kurtz suggested, with a furious smile.

The great political debates had died for want of impulse, since the most they really knew was that the System was against them, and that they were against the System; but in Mykonos the System is a little hard to find, particularly when it has flown you there at its own expense.

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