AIeosha (aleosha) wrote,

Little Drummer Girl

Israel was a confused abstraction to her, engaging both her protectiveness and her hostility. She had never supposed for one second that it would ever get up and come to face her in the flesh.

‘You want to crack the terror target these days,’ I told him, ‘you practically have to build yourself your own terrorist first.’

“We are the colonised! We speak for the native against the settled!… We speak for the mute, we feed the blind mouths and encourage the mute ears!… We, the animals with patient hooves, have finally lost our patience!… We live by the law that is born each day under fire!… The entire world except us has something to lose!… We will fight anyone who appoints himself the caretaker of our land!”

“You get your girls to do the work for you, don’t you, little fellow? One girl, he actually used her as a bomb,” he explained to Charlie. “Put her on a plane with some nice-looking luggage, the plane blew up. I guess she never even knew she’d done it. That was bad manners, wasn’t it, little fellow? Very bad manners towards a lady.”

“I have killed enough Arabs”, signed Joseph. “Well that’s a turnup for the book, I will say. An Israeli who’s killed enough Arabs.”

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